Term 6 – Advanced Modeling


Day 1 – Fri Feb 16
Topic: Intro to class. Character Concepts. Refresher on sculpting
Assignment: Begin creature concept


Day 2 -Tuesday Feb 20
Topic: Concepting in ZBrush with dynamesh part 1: Creature Sketching
Assignment: Refine creature concept
Due: Character Backstory and “Vision Board”

Day 3 – Wed Feb 21
Topic: Concepting with Dynamesh part 2: Base Form
Assignment: Gather references and begin creature
Due:  Finalized Concept

Day 4 – Thurs Feb 22
Topic: Continue Sculpting with Dynamesh. Secondary Details.
Assignment: Sculpt Character.

Day 5 -Fri Feb 23
Topic: Continue with dynamesh: Posing
Assignment: Keep Sculpting.

Due: Weekly Checkup  // Sketchbook 1: Human anatomy


Day 6 – Mon Feb 26
Topic: Creating Props/Accessories in Maya. Integrating them in ZBrush
Assignment: Keep Sculpting

Day 7 – Tues Feb 27
Topic: Sculpting Fine Details
Assignment: Keep sculpting. Finish primary forms
Due: Baseform (All body parts sketched out.)

Day 8 – Wed Feb 28
Topic:Sculpting Fine Details
Assignment: Begin adding secondary details.

Day 9 – Thurs Mar 1
Topic: Retopology in ZBrush
Assignment: Keep Sculpting Secondary Details

Day 10 – Fri Mar 2
Topic: Cleaning up Mesh in Maya and UVs
Assignment: Keep Sculpting Secondary Details

Due: Weekly Checkup // Sketchbook 2: Animal Anatomy


Day 11 -Mon Mar 5
Topic: Painting in ZBrush
Assignment: Begin retopology

Day 12 – Tues Mar 6
Topic: Painting in ZBrush
Assignment: Retopology / UV Mapping

Day 13 – Wed Mar 7
Topic: Work Day
Assignment:UV Mapping / Accessories in Maya

Day 14 – Thur Mar 8
Topic: Finishing details and exporting maps
Assignment: Sculpting accessories if necessary

Day 15 – Fri Mar 9
Topic: Studio Lighting in Maya
Assignment: Sculpting Fine Details

Due: Weekly Checkup // Sketchbook 3: Human-animal hybrid. Emphasize anatomical similarities and differences


Day 16 – Mon Mar 12
Topic: Building the SSS Skin Shader
Assignment: Fine Details

Day 17 – Tues Mar 13
Topic: Linear Workflow and Gamma Correction
Assignment: Finishing Touches, Paint

Day 18 – Wed Mar 14
Topic: Workday / Final Touches
Assignment: Finishing Touches, Paint.

Day 19 -Thurs Mar 15
Topic:Workday / Final Touches
Assignment: Finishing Touches, Paint.

Day 20 – Fri Mar 16
Topic: Hair/Fur
Assignment: Finish Textures, Export Maps, and Begin Lighting
Due:  Model should be out of ZBrush and in Maya with all required maps working correctly.

Due: Weekly Checkup // Sketchbook 4: Whatever you want. Humans, creatures. Just draw.



Day 21 – Mon Mar 19
Topic: Hair and Fur Continued
Assignment: SSS Skin Material

Day 22: – Tues Mar 20
Topic: Rendering
Assignment: Keep refining lighting, material, and render settings.

Day 23 – Wed Mar 21
Topic: After Effects
Assign: Lighting/Materials/ Start Rendering

Day 24 – Thurs Mar 22
Topic: Workday / Final Touches
Assignment: You definitely want to be rendering at this point. Before this actually.

Day 25 – Fri Mar 23
Topic: Work Day/Final Critique
Due: Finished project.


Course Number: AH400

Course Title: Advanced Modeling

Catalog Description: This course focuses on mastering high-end 3D modeling. Focus is placed on both
software modeling tools and artistic sculpturing talent. A variety of models will be
covered during the course. Proper modeling techniques, tips and tricks are covered.
Final model project is student’s choice, designed to be the culmination of all
modeling skills learned. (Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox)

Prerequisites: AO300: Organic Modeling

Semester Credit Hours: 4.5 Credits

Out of Class Hours: 15 Hours per week minimum(90 hours total)

Course Competencies: Upon completion of the requirements for this diploma, students will have expanded
knowledge of multimedia and animation technologies as well as an understanding of
how to apply aesthetic concepts and design techniques in the creation of interactive
media and advanced 3D modeling and animation projects. Students will also have
gained experience in the creation of special effects for electronic gaming, broadcast,
and film industries. This knowledge will enhance students’ creativity and expertise,
enabling them to produce professional digital demo reels that will demonstrate their
artistic and technical design skills to potential employers.
Required Text: 1. An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, W. Ellenberger, H. Ditrich, H. Baum:
Dover Publishing, ISBN# 0486211045

Recommended Texts: Pick one of these excellent, inexpensive, used Maya/Zbrush books to add to your
permanent collection. Or check with me for suitable alternatives.
1. ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting, Sybex, ISBN #0470572574
2. ZBrush Characters and Creatures, 3D Total Publishing, ISBN #1909414131
3. ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy, Sybex, ISBN #0470450266

Materials and Supplies: Sketchbook, and file storage media.

Technology Needed: PC lab, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic Zbrush, and Adobe After Effects.

Grading Scale: Grades on individual assignments, and for the course, will be calculated as follows:
A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 0-59

Attendance: Assignments are due whether you are in class or not. You are responsible for turning in the assignments and learning what you missed in class. Contact me by email to submit assignments, request lecture notes, or schedule tutoring if you are absent. You are expected to attend all classes on time as scheduled throughout the module. If you are absent, the number of hours you missed will be recorded. If you come late to class or leave early, your absence will be counted in 15-minute increments. This absence accumulates towards total absenteeism on a student’s module record. It is your responsibility to keep track of your attendance. You may ask the Registrar’s Office for an Attendance Record at any time. There are no excused absences. If you do not attend any classes for four(4) consecutive calendar days, you will be withdrawn from the class.

(keys to success) • This class is focused on creating a fully sculpted character for use in a film/cinematic.
• The “look” you are setting out to achieve is hyper realism.
• Your character will be fully sculpted using Zbrush/Mudbox for high-poly sculpting for
shape/form, tertiary form, and fine detailing.
• Characters must be fully texture mapped with advanced shaders, i.e. SSS skin shaders.
• Characters will be posed dynamically using Maya, Zbrush, or Mudbox.
• Ask questions. Take notes.
• Come in during off hours. Our studio has powerful, expensive equipment & tools. Take full
advantage of it.
• Search the internet for related topics. There is a wealth of information already published.
Many talented artists have been rookies, just like you. They are more than willing
to assist you.

Sketchbooks: You are required to keep and draw in a sketchbook every week. The sketchbook assignments represent 10% of your grade.

Class Enviro: Our class is your production studio. It should be fun, and full of energy. During a lecture, feel free to interject & contribute. I am not a dictator. I am your Art Director and your Producer. Let me know how I can help you to learn more, and make your final time here at Platt the culmination of all you have learned. We usually break between 10am and 10:30am. This is flexible. If you need to step out to stretch, get some fluids or fresh air, just let me know, and then return within several minutes. 3D works best on a fresh brain! Please turn off your cell phone or put them in silent mode.

Our Goals: Full character/creature, realistically sculpted, textured, posed, and rendered to the best of your abilities.