Inspiration and Resources

First Thing’s First
If you’re brand new to 3D, take a minute to read the following article. It is a great explanation of the various concepts and techniques you will encounter in world of 3D animation.

CG Society
ZBrush Central
CGBros YouTube
11 Second Club
1 Minute Modeling Tips
Method J (A blog for students by an industry veteran.)

Short Films
A Brain Divided
Big Buck Bunny
The Saga of Bjorn

Digital Tutors
Download Maya
Get Unreal Engine
The-Blueprints (Modeling References)
3D.SK (Character Modeling References)
Mayang Textures
Episcura (Free Textures)
Creative Crash (Free Models and Rigs)
Humster3D (buy/download model)
Poliigon (Textures)

Finding Work (Freelance)
Animated Jobs (3D job listings) (3D job listings) (Gain exposure)