3D Printing Tutorial

This artist took the time to show us how they prepare their ZBrush models for 3D printing. Gorgeous!


Learn Game Development!

Pluralsight has released a free game (basically a Diablo Clone) which is geared towards teaching game development. You can download and try the game yourself here. And then log in to your accounts to watch the lessons on how they made the game. It’s great to be able to see the entire game design pipeline in one place. Take advantage of it!

The Art of Toy Design in ZBrush

Free Scans of Classical Sculptures

Three D Scans is a cool website where you can download scans of classical sculptures for free! Most files seem to be .obj’s or .stl’s. Both of which import just fine into Maya. But because of the high poly count, I’d recommend opening them in ZBrush.

Daryl Obert’s Maya Monday Videos

Daryl Obert works at Autodesk and he posts a video tutorial on youtube most Mondays. I’ve always found them to be a great resource!