Another handy Marvelous Designer tutorial

Here’s another great tutorial on Marvelous Designer. This one is from Madina Chionidi, lead character artist at EA DICE. Check out the rest of her work on ArtStation while you’re there!


Artomatix: Texturing with A.I.

Artomatix is promising new program which uses machine learning to create textures. This may one day replace or at least supplement digital painting programs like Substance Painter, Mari, or Quixel. The program is still in alpha, and may never be adopted by artists in the industry, so you don’t need to relearn everything you know yet. But it’s important that we keep one eye on new developments in the industry as they happen.

Here’s an article on what the program can do:


And here’s a link to their website where you can download a free trial, or request a free demo: