Motivational Monday: Single Tasking

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I found today’s motivational message to be very helpful. It speaks directly to my weakness. I’ll copy/paste it here, but I suggest that you sign up for the list yourself. Also go find Ryan Kingslien on any form of social media you can and add/follow/subscribe to him. He’s an amazing artist and an even better motivator.


In the distraction-rich environment that we work and play in today it’s easy to forget that FOCUS is one of our super-powers. Linear FOCUS on the steps and THE WORK that matters makes all the difference in the world when we are creating.

One tool that we can use to get better at this is: SINGLE TASKING.

Pushing That Drug

Ever switch over to Facebook to check a message only to “wake up” about 30 minutes later and wonder why you’re looking at a video of a guy sneaking up on people at the beach showers to add shampoo to their hair? What was I doing before checking that message?

You’re on the DRIP of DOPAMINE.

One study showed that multi-tasking could lower your IQ by as much as 15 points to return you to an 8th grade level not to mention the cognitive load that switching from one task to another creates on the brain.

Today, we know that human are built for single tasking but distraction is a multi-billion dollar business today and there are a few undisputed kings. Facebook being one of them.

The real problem with multi-tasking is not the IQ thing, though. It’s not the loss of time. It’s the addiction to DOPAMINE that comes with it.

When you switch from one small task to another small task like checking email, reading that cool facebook post, checking artstation, writing a message, etc you get a little hit of Dopamine… and it feels good… in the moment…

Are You Speed Dating Your Art Work?

Dopamine is not, though, FULFILLMENT. It is excitement.

Here’s the rub:


Getting excited may get the conversation moving but it’s going to take a WHOLE LOT MORE before it becomes a successful marriage.

So, I have a question for you: Are you treating your art like a one-night stand? Are you that guy?

If you’re sitting around waiting for the perfect piece of art to spring from you’re hands, I’ve just met this Nigerian prince that needs your help…

What To Do

Turn OFF Facebook. Turn off your phone. Close your Inbox. Unplug your computer from the internet.

Do THIS not because you’ll finally be able to get some work done.

Do THIS because this is how you TRAIN your brain to do the REAL WORK that needs to be done. To push forward when the Dopamine is not coming. To stay focused, committed to your work when you’re not sure it’s even going to work out.

Do THIS because this is how you build real muscle into you abilities.

And sign up for Jason Martin’s character creation course for games HERE. It’s early registration so you save 25% if you sign up today but that ends May 29th.

Much Love,



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