Interview with a Blizzard Character Artist

RENAUD GALAND just did an interview on CGSociety about how he broke into the industry and eventually got a job at Blizzard as a character artist on Overwatch. He touches on a lot of helpful subjects, like how to get exposure, what to put in your demo reel, and what companies like Blizzard are looking for in an artist. It’s a great interview if you want a glimpse into the world of character art for AAA games and what it takes to be a part of that industry.

On the technical and artistic sides—and in a never ending changing industry like ours—adapting to new techniques should be part of your daily routine, regardless of your job title or responsibilities. If you chose that path, it hopefully means that you share at least two of the main qualities that will help you get where you want: passion and curiosity. Researching, practicing, and learning should feel like a natural extension of your work.


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