Daybreak Games Internship Competition

Daybreak Games is running their annual scholarship and internship competition right now. If you’re a current student, you like money, and you want to get your foot in the door in the game industry, there’s literally no reason not to apply. You have nothing to lose by applying, and a lot to gain. The game industry can be difficult to break in to, but once you land that first job, word of mouth spreads quickly. If you work hard in school to make a killer demo reel, you will get a job somewhere. But there are tons of people graduating with killer demo reels (don’t believe me? search youtube for student demo reels), so the best way to get a leg up and stand out above the rest is to get a little bit of experience under your belt before you even graduate. An internship is THE best way to do that and I can’t recommend them strongly enough. Your 3D career doesn’t start when you graduate, it started the moment you walked into your first 3D class. So let’s do this! I hope each and every one of you signs up for this. Here is the link:


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