MM: Passion is Hard Work

For today’s ‘Motivational Monday,’ I figured I’d let the talented artist Dave Rapoza do all the talking. Rapoza, who is the artist behind the ‘Steve Lichman’ and ‘Star Veil comics, as well as doing art for Marvel, recently tweeted this long motivational rant which I hope we all take to heart.

If you’re passionate about something, you usually live in it. You have a life outside of it, but you’re always living in that world.  So it hurts me a little whenever I see people telling other people starting out to really take it all slow(not that they’re wrong)  because it takes a LOT to develop self-discipline and it’s really easy to say take it slow and take breaks when you already have it. But a lot of the time the truth is that it’s going to feel a lot like work to get to wherever you’re going with what you love. And even though it’s tempting to listen to people telling you to stop and play games, stop and read and vanish, that’s not discipline. The hard truth is facing the fact that you’ll need to get to a point where you can turn your work ethic on and off. So no matter how tempting those ideas are where you just relax and learn like a fluid river, you’re probably not there just yet. It’s usually only after a fair amount of time learning to work hard for yourself even when you know you could be partying/gaming/f*ing, that you’ll start to discover the mechanics of your own work ethic. And only after that can you truly utilize those moments to wander, because you know you have a trusted system that wont fail you and you know you’re a hard worker and you know you’ll make it happen.

Visit his website to see some of his amazing work.


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