Motivation Monday: Motivation is Overrated

I figured I’d start posting motivational things every now and then. So it’s only fitting to start this new “Motivation Monday” feature by telling you that motivation is the death of creativity.  How many times have you been sitting around doing nothing, when you looked over at your computer and thought “I should really work on that project. Nah I don’t feel motivated right now.” We’ve all done that. If you only create when you feel motivated, you’ll never create anything at all. 3D animation is going to be your job some day so you’ll be required to create. But right now, it’s all up to you to hone your skills. What every artist needs, more than motivation, is discipline.

“Motivation is fleeting. Discipline is not.”

Obviously, when you feel inspired and motivated you should ride that wave. But when you don’t feel like creating or can’t think of any good ideas, that’s when you should pick up your pen and make something. It doesn’t matter if it’s good. Just do it. Open up ZBrush every single day and give yourself 30 minutes to sketch a head or a body. Make it a routine. I promise you will start to see a huge improvement in your work.


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